Stress and Migraines

According to recent research, between 37 and 50 million Americans suffer from recurring migraines. The vast majority of those who suffer from these severe headaches are unable to work or perform their normal activities during the painful attack. 

One of the triggers for migraines is stress, and according to the American Headache Society, 80% of people with migraines link the onset of the migraine to a stressful event. At Ohio Institute for Comprehensive Pain Management in Centerville, Ohio, our triple board-certified pain management specialist, Mervet Saleh, MD, customizes treatments to help you feel better and resume a productive life. Let’s take a closer look at how stress and migraines are connected, what the symptoms are, and how we can help you get some much-needed relief.

Why does stress cause migraines?

Facing a stressor in your life, hormones, and molecules in your body may fluctuate in response. When this happens, serotonin levels in your brain, which help regulate pain, may plummet. Some of the symptoms of stress-related migraines are:

Some people experience body aches and muscle tension as well.

What kinds of stress trigger migraines?

These are just a few examples of the kinds of stress that can provoke a terrible migraine:

Relationship problems also cause stress and are often linked to migraines.

What are the treatment options for stress-induced migraines?

Dr. Saleh meets with you to conduct a thorough exam and to talk to you about your medical and family history. She’ll first recommend ways that you can minimize and manage your stress, such as:

If behavioral adjustments aren’t successful or need to be complemented with medical support, she may offer an occipital nerve block or stellate ganglion block to interrupt pain signals that travel to your brain. 

Our team understands that migraines can be nearly debilitating. We’re eager to serve you and help you get back to the activities that you love. Call to learn more about how we can help you or use the online scheduling feature to book an appointment at your convenience.

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