Effective Ultrasound Guided Treatments to Alleviate Your Pain

Ultrasound assistance is a fast-growing tool to help physicians manage chronic pain conditions. It uses sound waves to make images of the inside of your body to guide the placement of pain-relieving injections. 

At Ohio Institute for Comprehensive Pain Management, Dr. Mervet Saleh and our team have been serving men and women in Centerville, Ohio, for more than 22 years. We use the most innovative tools and techniques like ultrasound-guided procedures to treat a full range of pain conditions, such as abdominal pain, joint, spine, or nerve pain, migraines, shingles, pain after surgery, or amputation, and neuromuscular disorder. 

Ultrasound-guided interventions have been nudging out other longstanding approaches like fluoroscopy and CT scans for its many benefits. In this blog, Dr. Saleh bullet points some of the pros of ultrasound-guided treatments and the many procedures she performs using the technology.

Benefits of ultrasound-guided treatments

Ultrasound assistance has many advantages over traditional radiography, including:

Besides, ultrasound technology is noninvasive and requires no downtime. In addition to increased accuracy and effectiveness, it’s completely safe.

Procedures under ultrasound guidance

We perform the following ultrasound-guided treatments: 

Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved in ultrasound-guided treatment for a couple of these conditions.

Stellate ganglion block

Typically used when you are suffering from complex regional pain syndrome, cancer pain, orofacial pain, neuralgia, shingles, and limb pain, a stellate ganglion block is an anesthetic that’s injected into the front of your neck. Your stellate ganglion is a star-shaped group of nerves that operate your heart rate and blood pressure. Blocking the stellate ganglion alleviates pain caused by dysfunctioning nerves.

Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is a burning pain that develops at the ball of your foot. Dr. Saleh uses ultrasound technology to guide the placement of anesthetic and steroid injections into the plantar common nerve to relieve the pain and tingling sensations associated with Morton’s neuroma. 

And so it goes. For each of the procedures above, ultrasound-guided technology offers safe and effective relief for your pain conditions. To learn more about this innovative solution, call the office or book online.

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