7 Great Exercises to Improve Joint Health

If you live with inflammation and pain in your joints, you know how difficult it can be to do even routine or straightforward activities. You want to carry in the groceries, play tennis, and enjoy your grandkids, but your joint pain often stops you from doing the things you love. 

Causes of joint pain 

Some of the most common reasons you may have joint pain include:

At Ohio Institute for Comprehensive Pain Management in Centerville, Ohio, our dedicated doctor, Mervet Saleh, MD, is board certified in three areas of expertise: pain management, anesthesiology, and pain medicine. She recommends a variety of moderate exercises to help you decrease your joint pain and increase your endurance. Some of the exercises she suggests to help support your muscles and bones and improve your joint health are:


People who participate in Pilates, a low-impact, strength-building exercise program, report increased flexibility, a stronger core, a boost in strength, and a reduction in joint concerns. 


Unlike running, which can pound your joints, walking is a gentle way to increase your circulation, loosen up stiff muscles, and improve your joint health.


Water exercise is excellent for joint problems because you get gentle resistance without pounding on your bones and joints. Hydrotherapy options run the gamut: try swimming, paddling, treading water, or aquatic ballet. 


Though strenuous, yoga has long been associated with relaxation and increased flexibility. For men and women with arthritis or other joint conditions, yoga helps increase range of motion and endurance.

Weight training

Strength training by lifting weights loosens stiff joints and builds muscle that helps support your movements. Weight training also plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy weight. According to research from the Cleveland Clinic, losing weight and maintaining the loss can significantly reduce stress on your joints.

Tai Chi

The concentrated, methodical movements of Tai Chi, one of the martial arts, help relax and release tension from your muscles. The exercise relieves swelling, rejuvenates weary muscles, and alleviates pain.


Bicycling is great for joint health because it’s a low impact activity and doesn’t require intensive weight-bearing movements. In addition to strengthening your muscles, cycling helps expand your range of motion and loosen up creaky joints.

To meet with Dr. Saleh to talk about your joint health and to determine the exercises that are best for you, call the office today or book conveniently online.

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