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Is Spinal Stenosis Causing Your Chronic Back Pain?

Your back’s always aching and you’re not sure what to do. You’ve tried stretching. You’ve tried over-the-counter pain relievers. But nothing gives you relief. Could you have spinal stenosis?

Aug 7th, 2019
I'm Over 50—Is Back Pain Normal?

Is back pain just a normal part of growing older, like gray hair and wrinkles, or can you do something about it? Keep reading to find out!

Jul 25th, 2019
The Dangers of Tech Neck

You don’t have to be deep into high-tech to develop “tech neck.” If you spend too much time hunched over a computer, tablet, or smartphone, the weight of your head is enough to exert damaging pressure on your slender, delicate cervical spine.

Jun 4th, 2019
5 Helpful Tips to Alleviate Your Sciatica Pain

Something got on your last nerve. Your sciatic nerve, that is. Do you just have to grin and bear it when your sciatic nerve flares up, shooting pains from your butt down to your thigh? Or can you soothe the ache of sciatica at home?

May 16th, 2019
7 Tips for Preventing a Fibromyalgia Flare-Up

You may feel as though fibromyalgia controls your life, especially when you’re dealing with a flare-up of pain. But you can take steps to take back control and prevent fibromyalgia flare-ups.

Dec 12th, 2018
What is Spinal Cord Stimulation and is it Right for You?

Are you plagued by stubborn chronic back pain? Have you tried conservative treatments with no improvement? Are you ready to reclaim your life? Maybe it's time to consider new options. Read on to learn more about spinal cord stimulation.

Oct 11th, 2018