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Q: How do I make an appointment? A: Due to the special nature of pain management, Dr. Saleh, requires a referral for all patients who wish to be seen. A referral can be obtained from your current treating physician. The office does have a specific referral form your physician can fill out, which outlines the necessary information such as three months of office notes, medication list, and most importantly any MRIs, CT Scans, or other pertinent testing. After the referral is received, Dr. Saleh will review the information and the new patient scheduler will contact you for an appointment. Appointments can typically be made within a week of receiving the referral.
Q: How will I know if my insurance is accepted? A: Dr. Saleh is contracted with most major insurances, including Medicare. To find out if she is in-network with your plan you should contact your insurance company’s customer service line, a phone number is usually listed somewhere on your card.
Q: What can I expect from my first visit? A: At your first visit you will be acclimated with the office and the doctor. You will check-in at the front desk, you will need your new patient packet (printed from our website or sent to you via mail), your photo id, and your insurance card. If you have a co-pay it will be collected at this time. Dr. Saleh accepts the following forms of payment: cash, credit (Visa, Mastercard, Discover). No personal checks will be accepted. Following check-in you will be taken to a room with one of Dr. Saleh’s assistants, at which time he or she will go over your patient questionnaire (this is a part of your new patient packet) discussing your condition, history, and treatments you have tried. You will then consult with Dr. Saleh, at which time she will discuss a treatment plan catered specifically to your needs and condition. Dr. Saleh employs a number of modalities and this is the opportunity for her to decide which best fit your needs. If medication therapy will be used you will receive prescriptions at this time. She will also order any therapy, procedures, or testing that might be needed for your treatment plan. You can learn more about your treatment options
Q: How often will I be seen? A: Patients are seen on a monthly basis to monitor progress, pain levels, and medication therapy. This is also your opportunity to express any concerns or questions you may have regarding your treatment. Additionally, this is an opportunity for providers to further evaluate your needs and treatment options. Procedures, therapy, and testing will be ordered at this time as well.
Q: How do I know my procedure/therapy will be covered by my insurance? A: The insurance specialist will get authorization for all procedures, therapy, or testing, if your insurance requires authorization. However, authorization is not guarantee of payment and you as the patient must be diligent in understanding your insurance plan. You can call your customer service number found on your insurance card for specific plan information.
Q: Why can’t I have my prescriptions filled the day of my appointment? A: Many patients are prescribed controlled “pain medication” that can only be filled every thirty (30) days due to state and national laws. Appointments are scheduled for every twenty-eight (28) which allows for two (2) days of extra medication in case an appointment needs to be rescheduled for some reason. However, appointments should always be kept as close to your refill date as possible.
Q: What is a prior authorization and why can’t my medication be filled without one? A: Prior authorization is required by your insurance company if you are prescribed a medication that is not in your medication formulary indicated by your insurance. This means the doctor must submit a request to have your medication authorized by your insurance. This process can take 24-72 hours and in some cases up to a week. Sometimes insurance may require you to try a generic or similar medication in the formulary before they will cover a particular medication. To make the prior authorization process move smoother help us by telling us what formulary medications you have tried and what medications are in your formulary. You can call your insurance costumer service number for this information. The number is usually found on your insurance card.
Q: I lost/misplaced my prescription/medication, what should I do? A: Unfortunately, due to the nature of the medications prescribed Dr. Saleh will not replace lost or stolen prescriptions/medications, no exceptions.
Q: I need to cancel my appointment, what is Dr. Saleh’s cancellation policy? A: Dr. Saleh requires 24 hour notice for a cancellation.
Q: What if I need to change pharmacies? A: You must give us your consent in your Pain Management Agreement to use only one pharmacy for filling all of your pain prescriptions, but if you need to change pharmacies you must notify OICPM immediately and a Change of Pharmacy Form will need to be completed.
Q: What if my referring physician or primary care physician would like to continue prescribing medications other than for pain? A: :Your referring physician or primary care physician may continue prescribing all other medications other than for pain. Medications for the control of pain related to your pain condition will be prescribed only by your OICPM Physcician as stated in your Pain Management Agreement.
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